Gamba’s style identity continues to expand into the world of design, by reinterpreting great furnishing classics with a new chromatic taste and textile culture.

Elements with personality, ambassadors of Made in Italy and of the Marche region: because the Gamba design collection is committed to the phenomenal craftsmanship of the Marche region, a widespread network of excellence made up of skilled workers.
The Gamba contract office designs furnishing complements that can be customised in terms of fabric, colours, shapes and materials, but also in terms of textures, finishes and details.
In communicating a superior level of care and attention to detail, Gamba uses fireproof fabrics and materials designed ad hoc for each structure.

The contemporary design of the furnishing and the high quality of the fabrics coexist with the functionality of the products: everything is made according to the customer’s use and comfort.