The new Gamba collections dedicated to Hospitality are the result of the work of the artistic department and style office that intercept contemporary thought translating it into new shapes, colours and workmanship, which express a love for craftsmanship and the culture of textiles.
Gamba - Hospitality

The Hospitality Collection is the manifestation of a precise style identity. This translates into renewed beauty with the introduction of modern architecture, digital printing and the combination of wallpapers in bold colours and patterns. The designs by the illustrator Gianluca Biscalchin renew the image of simple and humble objects, making them stand out on iconic wallpaper. An example of this are the pigeons used to decorate the URBAN room. The design maintains a sensual and refined style through the pinstripe pattern, the tag and chevron decoration. Also from the animal world is the design of the RETE wallpaper. Inspired by chicken enclosures, it contrasts with the black and white structures and fabrics selected for the SMART collection. A harmonious balance that carefully mixes and matches modern tubular metal furnishing with white cotton sheets and white double touch bathrobes with pinpoint details and single-colour kimono bathrobes.




The characteristic ROSAPESARESE collection stands out anywhere. Inspired by this timeless flower, it was taken and redesigned to symbolise poetry, elegance and refinement. Used to give the finishing touches to a hotel room, the result is a harmonious fusion between the poetic imagery of the flower and the modern design of the metal tube canopy bed. A luxury room, original, timeless, a play on neutral black and white colours contrasting with a wallpaper that recalls the region from where Gamba originated. It takes the name Marche from this region, a tribute to the arches, typical of Marche architecture. A collection that dares to alternate the most valued yarns, from 600-thread cotton satin to double touch terry cloth to velvet upholstery decorated with houndstooth and carré weaves.




Hospitality is not only fabrics and furnishing accessories. It is a complete proposal for hotels that do not want to leave anything to chance, and want to be unique and original. Gamba fragrances were created with this in mind. Spicy, woody or fruity, each fragrance is designed to complete the experience in a room created by the Gamba Contract Office. The introduction of complements in regenerated leather fibre is innovative and original. 100% Made in Italy, this completes the Hospitality proposals with renewed style.
The eco-leather complements are indispensable accessories: tissue holders, notepads, pocket emptiers and baskets available in different categories.