Quality Policy

Management has established this policy in order to define a framework for the objectives of the organisation.

Gamba strives to be a benchmark of excellence for textile products in the hospitality sector, recognised nationwide by the most important hotels.

From the craftsman’s workshop in 1918 to the company it has become today, Gamba consolidates its quality management system according to solid principles.

Customer satisfaction
Ready to meet the requirements of every setting, we offer a personalised consulting service throughout the country, each of our creations is distinguished by its exclusivity.

Continuous improvement
We build our Quality Management System on the principle of Risk Based Thinking and the PDCA Cycle.

The search for fabrics, elegance and absolute practicality of our materials, are our prerequisites for bringing a unique style to the best hotels in Italy and around the world, where refinement and informality strike a balance.

Team Building
Engaging our employees and collaborators in a common mission by giving value and creating relationships of synergy between people.

Creating effective partnerships based on the trust in mutual expertise.

Ensuring full compliance with regulatory and legislative requirements through collaborations with specialised partners.

Management has full responsibility for maintaining and implementing this policy by sharing it with all its stakeholders, reviewing it periodically and assessing its continued suitability.

Rev. 0 – 13.10.2021