The Service division dedicated to the Horeca world was established in 2014 with the intention of facilitating hospitality facilities in the rental of high-quality tailor-made hotel linens, such as cotton satin sheets, fluffy sponges and bathrobes with custom embroidery, and linen-blend table linens for restaurants and banquets.
Running a hospitality establishment requires attention to every detail, which is why we offer our clients a complete, customized and personalized rental service. Thanks to our experience in the industry, we are able to offer a wide range of textiles, from bedding to table linens and the supply of towels and bathrobes.
Our attention to quality is reflected in the care of our fabrics, which are selected from the best available on the market.
Our office follows up with our clients starting with a personalized consultation for the perfect choice of linens to be included within the location.
Below are some customers who have chosen us for their bed, bath and table linen and linen rental service for hotels and restaurants.

Gamba Service is a revolution in the concept of hotel linen hire, offering an impeccable service: a complete cycle of washing, drying and returning your linen to the hotel.
Our laundries, thanks to new technologies and state-of-the-art facilities, guarantee clean and ironed table linens, bath linens and bedspreads along with the hygienic safety of fabrics that will maintain their high quality over time.

Aesthetic exclusivity, functionality and innovation are the parameters for enriching the guest experience in your hotel. The Gamba Service division is dedicated to offering these added values.
Thanks to the Service division, Gamba has expanded its luxury portfolio. It boasts increasingly prestigious clients, from the mountains of Zermatt to the islands of the Mediterranean, serving the best hotels on the Italian peninsula.