Gamba has been operating in the textile industry for more than 100 years offering a wide range of high quality tailor made products.
Gamba textiles mean research into the best yarns, use of modern machinery, care and attention paid during all production phases.
Above all this concerns the timeless style of 100% Made in Italy workmanship dedicated to the best hotels in Italy and around the world.
Gamba - Textile

Gamba’s mission meets the primary need of every hotel: to be unique and recognisable; in this sense, Gamba bed linen, bath linen and table linen is always personalised with embroidery, jacquard work or customised labels.

The linen complements the spaces it fits into, characterising the atmosphere to the point of becoming its protagonist. Towelling sets dedicated to the world of the bathroom and spa, such as soft bathrobes with slippers and matching towels with refined decorations and finishes or sheets in satin, linen or percale. What stands out to the eye and to the touch is always the quality of the yarns, the attention to detail and specific precision in the weave.

Also in its tableware, Gamba has never stopped in its quest for style, constantly innovating taste and fashion: from the classic white linen-blend tablecloth decorated with hemstitching, to digitally printed tablecloths and napkins designed with illustrations by Gianluca Biscalchin.






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